Utility Release Form

If you are a new client or looking for some answers to your complicated utility bills, this Utility Release Form allows us to access Historical Utility Data so that we can investigate incorrect meter readings, demand charges, credits, applicable discounts, allowances, and applicable taxes. We will provide you a free report on our findings for your peace of mind. Overcharge Recovery is one of our strong points and we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients in the past. We also review the applicability of tariffs for possible misclassification by the utilities and that all contracted rates are being applied correctly.

Our goal is to create a Conservation & Sustainability Plan that will save you money. Rate Optimization is a key component to long term savings and is accomplished by reviewing your present rates and recommending rate reduction opportunities through optional rates, incentive programs, or new negotiated rates and energy contracts.

So Here’s what your need to do:

  1. Download the Utility Release Form:
    Adobe Reader .pdf
    Alternative format: MS Word 97 compatible .doc
  2. Fill in the form, Sign, and Date It
  3. Scan the signed & completed form
  4. Attach excel spreadsheet of ESID’s if more than 5
  5. Send the form to info@marcoaarredondo.com

Not A Client Yet?

A Conservation & Sustainability Plan from Marco A. Arredondo, Inc. will save you money. The process is simple and easy. We look at your facility and your consumption to develop a clear proposal with saving projections using our proprietary system.

Increase Profits Now By Taking Control Of Your Energy Costs, contact us today.

To use the Utility Release Form in Adobe format you will need Adobe Reader